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What the hell is bspeed?

bspeed is a moniker for Brandon Sevestre that started as an acronym; Brandon’s Specialized Performance Equipment Engineering and Development. While originally somewhat of a pipe dream, this acronym reflected my passion for automotive racing and a desire to get involved in the sport. After putting my career in design and digital media on the front burner, bspeed became a place to share my portfolio items. With time, “bspeed” became more of a word, or a nickname at times, and less of an acronym: a reminder to keep the momentum going towards progress and growth. For now I’m going to continue sharing my experiments, observations, works of art, and miscellaneous adventures. Who knows, maybe a race team will be in order eventually…

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  1. bspeed! I like it!

  2. love the photos of fort clinch. i used to go camping there as a girl. :D thanks for sharing. great success to you and your dreams!

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